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By Horacio Cardozo, released into the public domain {{PD}} See his extraordinary work here http://www.flickr.com/photos/horacio_cardozo/

By Horacio Cardozo, releasedinto the public domain {{PD}} See his extraordinary work here http://www.flickr.com/photos/horacio_cardozo/

Tomorrow we experience the Autumnal Equinox (Spring Equinox for our Southern hemisphere friends), which features both a Mystic Rectangle and a Kite. Below I talk a little about the Mystic Rectangle, from an article in ECLIPSE.

The Mystic Rectangle is formed by Ceres, NN-Saturn-Venus, Chiron, and SN with, at the equinox moment, the Taurus Moon. The Mystic Rectangle itself suggests that the involved energies can be utilized especially effectively, working in concert in a way that provides an almost magical amplification of potentials. In this case, we are given a formula for effective use of power to manifest a pleasant reality, reward, Love, or all three, and our use of this formula is Path-determining. What’s the key to unlock this fantastic result? The willingness to allow healing. It sounds so easy, and I’m sure some people would answer with, ‘Who wouldn’t allow healing?’ Quite a few of us, it seems.

Think of all the situations, the little things, the lingering resentments, the occasions big and small that aggrieve us; think of how they become a part of the interior wallpaper, of defining who we are through experience. The point is these are parts of ourselves, grumblings and judgments and injustices, that aren’t really parts of ourselves at all; they are negative feedback, thought patterns, and interactions that we are carrying around in the psyche as if they have worth, as if they say something to us or about us worth preserving–and they don’t.

At the Equinox we are offered the chance to connect with our natural Power and natural role (Ceres) in such a way that we can heal (by ‘dissolving’, a Chiron in Pisces remedy) those things that needn’t cast shadows on the spirit, and that do so now only because we allow it.

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