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'Puck and Fairies from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'' Joseph Noel Paton c1850 {{PD-Art}}

‘Puck and Fairies from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Joseph Noel Paton c1850 {{PD-Art}}

From the current issue of ECLIPSE:

28 September our dreams or delusions may be challenged by the social sphere or by our own need to expand or reach out; either way, we may end up defending those Neptunian constructs, but before you do, ask yourself if it might not be better to just let them go–it comes down to whether you are truly benefiting from them, or whether they are running on sheer Willpower or ego–if the latter, let them go and move on. The most positive thing we can do will be to think about how ‘natural’ that dream is to our sense of who we are.

The Moon’s Void begins at 12:32 AM of the 29th; the Moon enters Leo at 12:58 AM PDT. And at 8 PM PDT of the 29th the Moon conjuncts Pallas, squares Saturn, trines Uranus, and forms the apex (with Pallas) to a Finger of God with base of Pluto-Chiron. This is about recognizing reality and being responsive enough to it (through innovation, originality, or spontaneity) to make healing changes that are both smart and emotionally empowering; these changes might also open the intuitive channels and ‘let the signal through’. A huge opportunity to ‘tune in’ and get a lot right.

I loved this, at An Upturned Soul

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