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Apparently this is what those in 1899 France anticipated for the 21st century--sweet! 'Whale Bus' {{PD}}

Apparently this is what those in 1899 France anticipated for the 21st century–sweet! ‘Whale Bus’ {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs on the 4th at 5:34 PM PDT at 11 Libra 56. The first thing that catches my attention is a configuration: a Fist that has a midline opposition that bisects the figure and creates a small ‘hat’ or kite on top using semi-squares. Some may not find this a true config, since the bisection is made by the Nodal axis and the square involves two points, the Vertex (the point at which the ecliptic intersects the prime vertical–this runs through the nadir and zenith perpendicular to the horizon–if you can’t easily picture it, don’t worry–what you need to know is that Vertex literally means ‘turning point’, hence its association with fated events and life-changing meetings) and the Midheaven, which in this case describes the most public part of the chart, the New Moon energy most likely to be perceived; this falls in Sagittarius, suggesting a sharing of information or knowledge, expansion efforts, belief, or ‘getting the word out’. The apex is the South Node–what’s past, what’s been accumulated (with placement in Taurus implying this may have to do with resources), comfort. security, stability. It suggests that the inception of the New Moon may include a very public, ‘fated’, fait accompli, either its beginning, or its public reveal. The ‘topper’ places Mercury just slightly more than 1 degree from conjunction with the North Node–and ‘shoots’ this energy through the apex of the Fist, otherwise known as the South Node. Talk about a Pre-Echo! This could be a ‘message from the future’ as it was laid out, or destined through choice and circumstance, in the past, and though the message would probably have an individual cast (determined by where in the natal chart the South Node at 7 Taurus 50 falls) there would also be a shared element, likely affecting the material well-being or security of us all.

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