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'Dance at Bougival' Renoir c1882 {{PD-Art}}

‘Dance at Bougival’ Renoir c1882 {{PD-Art}}

The Solar eclipse occurs 3 November at 4:49 AM Pacific Standard Time (the shift back to standard time in the US occurs just hours before the eclipse) at 11 Scorpio 15. This eclipse occurs in tandem with Saturn, and there’s a whole parade of aspects: sextile to Pluto, square to Juno, trine to Chiron, wide quincunx to Uranus and closest of all, a sextile with only 4 minutes variation from Mars in Virgo.

Saturn’s presence indicates one of two alternatives for each individual experience: either we manifest materially a facet of the eclipse, or we suppress its manifestation or our awareness of its manifestation.

Whatever begins at this time may facilitate change and healing, and will certainly spur action, but it may bring up empowerment issues (others’ say over us, status, our own need for empowerment and whether this is fulfilled, respect between partners, and so on) and we may feel a little bit punished or otherwise required to adjust for expressing our most unique qualities and for touting our individual viewpoint.

One way or another, we will need to adjust our own position vis à vis others, particularly those close to us, who are supportive, or who actually partner with us. This, then, is the birth of a new phase in both interactions and our own view of ourselves, and this is especially and specifically so in terms of the action we feel is appropriate, that we feel capable of, and that we feel we may take on our own. This may be the biggest effect of all: a new idea of how we can act within the world–and of course, that can’t help but change just about everything.

The Solar eclipse may be both a start of new (possibly experimental) ways of acting and interacting, as well as a lesson in the way we are interdependent. No matter how original, unique, or independent we are as individuals, this eclipse may make clear that those choices, insights, and actions we make hold no meaning without being placed within a larger social context, without a connection to others, without engagement in a mutual ‘dance’ in which we all participate.

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