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'The Laundress', a perfectly Capricornian image from a perfectly Venus in Capricorn guy--Toulouse-Lautrec 1884-1888 {{PD}}

‘The Laundress’, a perfectly Capricornian image from a perfectly Venus in Capricorn guy–Toulouse-Lautrec 1884-1888 {{PD}}

5 November Venus enters Capricorn. This can be a teeth-grinding, jaw-clenching transit, just because Venus is not super-comfortable following the rules (though she does love to be fair, as long as she gets hers!) being restricted, doing things because they’ve always been done that way, or putting on her frumpiest, as she’s expected to get down on her knees (a Cappy-ruled body bit) and work hard. This transit can be tough if we have a natal Venus that is essentially undisciplined, that just wants what she wants and is used to sating her appetites whenever she pleases. The good thing is, once Venus bothers to climb into those work clothes, she may end up making something astoundingly beautiful, though there might always be a sad element to things (Dostoyevsky has this natally, as do sculptor Camille Claudel and artist Toulouse-Lautrec, a depressive trifecta indeed) and disciplined performance may be in the blood (Beethoven and Maria Callas both have this natally, but so does Miley Cyrus! which only argues for her ‘out-of-control’ presentations really being very very controlled) and tastes can run to the decidedly dour and unappealing (Eva Braun has this placement natally, and we all know who she found attractive).

Venus will slow in Capricorn, and retrograde there on the 20th of December, so our time in the land of the dominatrix and ‘practical’ gifts for the Holidays will last a long time–and it will feel twice that, by the time our Lady of Love leaves the sign in early March 2014. It’s a long slog, and we’d better make friends with Venus as she moves through this sign; find a way to shape the Venusian impulse to the Goat’s exacting requirements and you can have a rollicking time, just as long as it’s cleaned up by 9 and lights out by 10.

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