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'Femmes de Siloe, Palestine by Felix Bonfils Silver albumen print c1867-1870 {{PD}}

‘Femmes de Siloe, Palestine by Felix Bonfils Silver albumen print c1867-1870 {{PD}}

Here’s what I wrote back in July 2012 on the situation:

Was Yassar Arafat poisoned?

My regular readers are probably aware of how much I like to investigate a possible poisoning–these tend to involve classic compounds that have direct astrological correspondences, and so can make for a rewarding quest. In this case, various possessions of Arafat’s have been found to be radioactively contaminated, with our old friend polonium, and so some are lobbying to exhume Arafat and test for contamination. Should we know the truth? Yes, of course; will the indignation that arises, the pointed fingers, do anyone any good, by now? No, probably not, as it’s unlikely a culprit smaller than a government will be found, whether the contamination came from within his inner circle–a traitor, working for another faction–or from a faceless intruder in the name of massive political interests–and making such accusations about entire nations are fraught with peril, in so many ways. And yet, his people and his loved ones have the right to know from what he died–and so we do our part, looking at transits to the natal chart at death, to see if we can find any clues.

Arafat (27 August 1929  2 AM  Cairo Egypt–data is not certain) died on December 11, 2004 in the early morning hours in France. Pluto was moving through the natal 6th of health (destroyed, disruption to the cells, very much like the cancer that long-term low level polonium exposure would generate) and was conjunct his Saturn (destruction of bones/ bone marrow) and his natal Sun/ Neptune conjunction was being opposed by t Uranus which was just one minute off exact conjunct his Earth–Uranus too can arguably represent radiation (the modern, the planet for which uranium, similar to polonium, is named, carrying the ‘charge’ of radioactivity). t Sedna is conjunct the natal Moon, NN, and Chiron (we can’t see at the time what the ‘injury’ is, what it could mean, or what the effects to females in his life–who may also be ill–or the emotional toll–and this suggests he may not have been able to eat for some time). t Saturn was retrograde and within conjunction of his Venus (suppression of the capacity of the blood sugar to nourish, shut down to kidneys), and t Saturn had recently passed over natal Pluto, suggesting manifestation of something destructive, and it’s only this last that points to a possible plot. But, if there was one to deliberately contaminate the Palestinian leader, then we should see it elsewhere, and we do: t Moon as trine Arafat’s Part of Fortune at the approximate time of death, and the transiting Sun and Mercury were both close to conjunction with t Pluto (and thus Arafat’s Saturn, suggesting the transformation of the body), and t Pluto quincunx n Moon (with the Moon possibly being natal chart ruler for Arafat) with the ‘message’ of the Merc/ Sun/ Pluto meeting in this instance perhaps, to borrow a phrase from George Bush, ‘Mission Accomplished’  t Jupiter, playing so prominent a role in the natural death scenario, here is exact quincunx the North Node/ Chiron natal combo, this in my mind implying that the natural death process had been ‘adjusted’ (the quincunx), changing what would’ve been the natural time of departure–good an argument as any for a possible poisoning by radiation–so my vote is yes, he was murdered.

Findings on the exhumed materials (bones, cloth) in the Arafat case have been announced; here’s a good, ‘all sides of the story’ link