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'A Planet as Big as its Star' Artist's concept by NASA {{PD}}

‘A Planet as Big as its Star’ Artist’s concept by NASA {{PD}}

I’m taking off for a few days in celebration of my 29th wedding anniversary; all comments, orders, and correspondence will be held starting morning of the 9th Pacific time until evening of the 11th. Should you find you enjoy this sampler and/ or find it useful, you may want to subscribe and get the full Weekly, the Daily forecast and Daily Image, and free, optional lessons and very-low cost services, delivered right to your email! 

9 November Pallas moves into Virgo; the inclination is to be smart and practical, no-nonsense, to take a full accounting of what we have and how to use it–but no, we get a little loopy, a little impulsive, believing any fairy tale we hear–and so perhaps putting ourselves in a bad spot with authorities, Mother Nature, or in a situation where we really should try and negotiate. Channel creative energy into proven outlets or concrete manifestations, and make an overt effort to remain firmly aware of reality–these two measures will keep us out of the worst trouble, and could result in some truly inspired creations or creative ‘forms’ (Neptune quincunx, Earth sesquiquadrate Ceres, Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury trine Neptune)

1 AM PST of the 10th the Aquarius Moon quincunxes Jupiter, asking us to adjust our emotional engagement with the social sphere. It’s an intellectual need as much as it is an emotional one–at the least we should pull back and re-consider any expansion attempts we have underway. 6:30 AM PST the Moon squares Sedna. We may hit an emotional ‘blind spot’ that inspires us to make a ‘wrong move’ (or just a clumsy one). Remove emotion from the action equation at this time. 1 PM PST the Moon quincunxes Vesta. We intuit exactly what we must modify in the intimate relationship, on the home front, or concerning those areas we dedicate our lives to. Adjustment can be quiet and easy, if attended to now–I wouldn’t recommend we wait to make changes, as the next aspect between these two is an opposition–and of course, we’d do better to head a confrontation off at the pass. Void begins at 3:11 PM PST; the Moon enters Pisces at 6:37 PM PST. Luna opposes Pallas; we are shocked by the overwhelming immediacy of our needs, and of our desire to escape, which is clearly unwise. Look outside the Self for some anchoring influences, and a little sensible input. 10 PM PST the Moon conjuncts Neptune and trines Mercury, the latter of which is stationary direct. Flights of fantasy concerning future potentials grab our attention; enjoy them, and study them, for what they can tell you about what you truly want in life. Midnight the Moon quincunxes Ceres in Libra. Nature takes over in relationship–it’s that simple, and direct.

The image for the 11th is a very white cow standing in a very green meadow. The purity of the assets we work with and the areas we work in may be coming into question right now. We’d be wise to note that nothing is as hypernaturally unadulterated as we would hope, and yet we must do our best to maintain an atmosphere that allows the cells to grow in a healthy manner. Instead of railing against things we can do nothing about on a personal level, we can not only add our voices to the cause of a healthy ecology, we can stop one or two of those Self-destructive habits that make our railing about the environment look just a little bit contradictory, at the least.

12 November BIG opportunities come along, but there’s some chafing between our ambitions and what we know to be wise. In wanting to take advantage of the openings that we see, we must take care not to do something we otherwise know is stupid. I think that’s pretty clear. Look to the space Jupiter is now transiting in the natal chart for clues as to what area this opportunity may present itself in, and keep in mind that Jupiter will already be retrograde–that stupid thing we may be tempted to do may actually be a very smart thing, if we’ll only wait until Jupiter is once again direct to do it. (Pallas semi-square Zeus, Sun trine Jupiter)

Enjoy your weekend, and thank you!