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Paul Klee 'The Golden Fish' {{PD-Art}}

Paul Klee ‘The Golden Fish’ {{PD-Art}}

4 AM PST of the 18th the Gemini Moon trines Ceres and quincunxes Mercury, making emotions flow in words and thoughts, and expressions of power and co-operation with authorities come ‘naturally’. Easy communication of what we feel happens without any effort–but if we want to keep our feelings to ourselves, better to spend a few hours in isolation, as Merc in Scorpio, Ceres in Libra, and Moon in Gemini are all motivated to share, and just can’t hide what they think. 8 AM PST the Moon sextiles Uranus; sudden shocks, surprises, and emotional outbursts may accompany intellectual exchange or group involvement. 9:30 AM PST the Moon squares Chiron and quincunxes Pluto. Destructive choices or rage hurt inadvertently–if we choose to see these as transformative, instead, we may find significant healing within what feels like an otherwise negative situation. 4 PM PST the Moon trines Juno and quincunxes Venus. Empowerment rests in being flexible, largely with ‘the rules’ we are used to in relationship or values. In this case, bending with the breeze is good, and won’t make for any permanent change, which is the fear that sparks our resistance in the first place. 9 PM PST the Moon quincunxes Saturn and trines Zeus. Now we’re asked to be flexible with reality itself, in service to fulfilling our ambitions or desires. Okay, why not?

Today’s image is a goldfish–swimming not in a bowl, but in the air! There’s something surreal about events and perceptions today–try to take it all in without reaction or judgment, and let all but what’s crucial to you in the moment go.

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