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'Composition With Violin' by Dick Ket--Before 1940 {{PD-Art}}

‘Composition With Violin’ by Dick Ket–Before 1940 {{PD-Art}}

19 December we may avoid seeing the true nature of power and its expression around us, and we might prefer illusion to ‘the real thing’. That would be a shame, and cost us knowing ourselves better. Embrace what’s wild and creative, and listen for the message in everything—everybody will be communicating whether they mean to or not—some may ‘forget’ important information. (Neptune sesquiquadrate Ceres, Mercury quincunx Sedna)

Today’s image is a beautiful carved music box. You pick it up, lift the lid–what song does it play? It’s a clue as to how you’re proceeding today–any statements, advice, or unflattering choices made by the subject(s) of the song or within the lyrics should be seen as cautionary or advisory, a direct pipeline from the Universe to you.

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