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'Unconscious Rivals' Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1893 {{PD-Art}}

‘Unconscious Rivals’ Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1893 {{PD-Art}}

The Gemini Full Moon occurs on December 17th at 1:28 AM PST at 25 Gemini 36: ‘It’s All Over But the Talkin’’

Our December Full Moon makes two aspects, a trine to Juno and a wide quincunx to stationary Venus. This culmination may carry with it a sense of accomplishment; we are feeling empowered, or have gained status, in some important way, but stationary Venus says we may be stuck: in a relationship, in our sense of aesthetics, with finances, with earning power, with our Art, with what we care about—somehow, we’re in a bind, and it’s just not working, and we likely don’t know how to get out of it.

In Gemini we’re going to want to talk it out, the only problem being that we may find others unavailable to us (the quincunx Venus), and so despite our triumph of empowerment, gaining, status, partnering with the ‘right’ person, or wielding the influence of our position, we may feel anxious and as if this small relationship or financial thing is keeping us from enjoying our win. It isn’t, really, but try telling that to someone who just wants to clear the air!

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