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Taoist Immortals Celebrating Longevity' Tomioka Tessai 1923 {{PD-Japan-oldphoto}}

Taoist Immortals Celebrating Longevity’ Tomioka Tessai 1923 {{PD-Japan-oldphoto}}

Celebrating the beginning of our 5th year, with this first issue of 2014! We talk about Moments with Strangers (oh!), The Ascendant in the Whole Sign system, take a peek at books and movies (including ‘Upstream Color’ and ‘Stoker’), briefly comment on Mars retro, and get the Forecast for the coming week! Order here, at less than $7 per month, which includes the Weekly, the Daily (with a complete aspect-by-aspect Lunar forecast and the Daily Image), as well as free and low cost lessons and services–what are you waiting for?

And for tomorrow, the 3rd: our own thoughts may be the source of so much internal discord; we are at odds with our own desires and ambitions, and can’t help but think our empowerment options are either ineffective or some kind of trap! The Aquarian Moon isn’t helping, with its cool mindset that so easily questions our wants, our goals, our values, and our sense of personal power and authority in our own lives (by Air trine to Zeus, Vesta, and Ceres in Libra, which only encourages us to look to others for reassurance). Funny, then, that if we can get out of our own heads for a minute, we will find a great big ol’ spotlight shining on the wise thing, the smart thing, the answer we’re looking for, right out in the open, there for the taking. (Mercury semi-square Juno, square Zeus, Sun trine Pallas)