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Isn't it time to get rid of what just isn't working for you? 'The Execution of Lady Jane Grey by Delaroche 1833 {{PD-Art}}

Isn’t it time to get rid of what just isn’t working for you? ‘The Execution of Lady Jane Grey (detail) by Delaroche 1833 {{PD-Art}}

19 January  we are challenged to do what’s smart or use our skills by the social sphere or in order to teach/ learn, and the result is genuine communication. This doesn’t seem headline worthy, until we realize that those who fail to get the word out in a wise or accomplished form will suffer a sense of being out of the loop, or worse, abandoned by the social circle.

Evening of the 20th Pacific time sees the Sun enter Aquarius and Earth into Leo. That brings a gentle but perceptible shift in our attention as it moves from concrete material matters, achievement, and the role and reach of authority and takes up instead questions of higher thought, originality, and inventiveness. At play today: a Grand Square with the Nodes and the Sun-Earth axis, suggesting some tension over personal life direction and how well that manifests our uniqueness as individuals and our philosophy of life; and the ongoing Mystic Rectangle consisting of Jupiter-Pallas-Pluto-Chiron. This config lays the groundwork for some dazzling and life altering accomplishments in the social arena, for smart, healing change, for the sharing of wisdom that can change our world–will you let go of what no longer works, and take part in personal and social reform?

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