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'To Leeward' Photograph by Malcolm Arbuthnot 1908 {{PD}}

‘To Leeward’ Photograph by Malcolm Arbuthnot 1908 {{PD}}

17 January  Home, our relationship with the mate, and our commitments are influenced by our deepest beliefs and perceptions, and vice versa, we are changed within by something we experience in the Vestal arena. This may represent the kind of life event that brings a sea change to the outlook, the commitments, or the sense of Self that forever after alters us, just a little. It’s important to note that at the time we may not feel what shifts is really a good thing to have happen—but with time we’ll see it wasn’t just necessary, but inevitable. (Perfecting today: Vesta quincunx Sedna, Sun sesquiquadrate Pallas)

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