'Still Life with Fruit' Constantin Daniel Stahi 1915 {{PD}}

‘Still Life with Fruit’ Constantin Daniel Stahi 1915 {{PD}}

Today’s image is a bowl of the most perfect pears you can imagine. Did you know that the ancient Greeks believed that the newly dead were offered pears, to console them and assuage their homesickness? Even when we believe that someone doesn’t need (or deserve) comfort or reassurance, we must understand that they do; each of us can offer comfort, even if only in the smallest way, to another. Be vigilant for that person to whom you can offer aid, understanding, or assistance–it’s almost a certainty that at first you may not see their need, or that you may resist–but judgment isn’t part of this–and know that there’s someone who is watching out for you, and who will offer you assistance, too.

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