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'Caught' by Luigi Monteverde 1888 {{PD}}

‘Caught’ by Luigi Monteverde 1888 {{PD}}

A little something on the Valentine’s Day Full Moon in Leo, and on the Inferior Conjunction of Sun and Mercury retrograde on the 15th, from ECLIPSE. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Full Moon in Leo 14 February 2014 at 3:53 PM Pacific time at 26 Leo 12

With the FM sextile the Mars-Vesta combo we can expect a conclusion of sorts in what I’m tempted to describe as ‘sacred action’. I suspect this is about coming to a decision as to how we are conducting ourselves, specifically in how we’re employing our energy, in some important situation, possibly in the home or with the mate. It may be a point when we acknowledge what we are or are not willing to do, or when we see that we have reached a point of dedication—we need to commit—and so make a significant statement to the Universe: ‘This is important to me’. It also applies to the setting of a personal agenda that expresses the Self (Leo FM)—we can expect that what we find ourselves committing to at this time will be a feature of our days for some time to come.

15 February brings the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and retrograde Mercury. This is a point of inception, even insemination, if you will! Something new is planted, and coming just after the Full Moon, we may look at this point as an expression of the new start that naturally follows a finish like the one brought by the FM. Usually we have a bit of a gap, a winding down that allows dissipation of the culminating energy, in the period through to the New Moon—but this time that culmination requires a new start in order to be valid itself—in this case, without the new start that culmination would be a rest stop, rather than an end. That suggests that through to the New Moon we will be nurturing the new start, and part of how this will happen is with reviews, revivals, and other Merc retrograde mechanisms; it will be an Inferior Conjunction that sparks that needed Full Moon start (or re-start!) where the sacred action includes the kind of editing of the life course that is central to taking a successful new direction or making a successful new commitment.

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