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'La Toilette' Eva Gonzales 1879 {{PD}}

‘La Toilette’ Eva Gonzales 1879 {{PD}}

1 PM PST of the 10th the Moon sextiles Pallas. Wisdom is ours, if we’ll just make the effort. 5 PM PST the Moon squares Uranus. Are we surprised by what seems to come out of the blue, or did we have a hint about this, if we look back on the actions of those involved? (Cardinal placements) 9 PM PST the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, trines Chiron, and opposes Pluto. Whatever happens, in our own minds it will be vastly exaggerated; that said, permanent hurt or healing may occur. Intention rooted in how much you care (Cancer Moon) will be everything, at this point.

5 AM PST of the 11th the Cancer Moon opposes Venus. This may bring a reassessment of feeling or of actual relationships themselves; we care but find our feelings hitting a figurative brick wall. Don’t make any decisions at this point–instead realize that you’re too sensitive right now to keep reasonable perspective. 7 AM PST the Moon squares Zeus. Ambitions kick into high gear, and we may feel that our emotional attachments are holding us back. This would be incorrect; what we’re feeling is the artificial or exaggerated nature of our wants, as we measure the truth of our emotions against anything that’s not real or reasonable in our goals. It can be unpleasant, but without losing our illusions we won’t be able to get where we want to go. 1 PM PST the Moon trines Juno and the two form a loose Grand Trine with Saturn. Empowerment takes material form; it shows either in circumstances or in who owns/ controls what, who has say over our surroundings. Take a good look around: what you get is a rare glimpse into who’s really running things, from the ground up.

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