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'Bulls Fighting' George Stubbs 1786 {{PD-Art}}

‘Bulls Fighting’ George Stubbs 1786 {{PD-Art}}

18 February the reality picture shows us exactly how to empower ourselves; believe what’s presented, and make sure your vision is clear—otherwise you might misinterpret, or possibly ignore a vital part of the situation picture, which is a danger with the Merc T in action. The shift into Pisces/ Virgo of the Sun/ Earth signals a shift in attention to the spiritual and the Collective, while earthly matters focus on accounting, organizing, and critiquing. The contrast between the two this time of year can be brutal, but understanding that both the spiritual/ creative, and the material, need equal attention and effort applied will solve any imbalance. Too, it helps to remember that in the larger scheme of things the material and the spiritual are one and the same; only our minds perceive them as contrasting. (Saturn trine Juno, Mercury T-square with Sedna-Saturn, Sun into Pisces/ Earth into Virgo, Sun trine the North Node)

Today’s image is a bright red pickup truck pulling a trailer full of bawling cows on the open highway. We might like to think they’re on their way to a nice pasture somewhere, to moo and graze and frolic like Ferdinand the Bull, but it’s more likely that they’re headed for the butcher. The cows, of course, are unmindful of where their journey is taking them; it’s the same with some humans. Right now we need to be more conscious, more mindful of where we’re headed than ever before. Take a good look at the highway you’re on–don’t fool yourself into thinking that tomorrow won’t rise directly from today, because it will. Think consciously about what you must do to end up where you’d really like to go–and then, like Ferdinand, take some time to smell the flowers–enjoying the journey is just as important as reaching the destination.

For those wondering who this Ferdinand is, it’s a character from one of my favorite children’s books

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