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Even Juno's symbol (the peacock feather) won't help this young tightrope walker. 'Il Saltimbanco' Antonio Mancini 1870 {{PD}}

Even Juno’s symbol (the peacock feather) won’t help this young tightrope walker. ‘Il Saltimbanco’ Antonio Mancini 1870 {{PD}}

3 AM PDT of the 13th the Leo Moon sextiles Zeus, making us very sure of ourselves and our ambitions. We think we can feel or intuit our way toward them–those enjoying positive contacts to the natal Sun right now actually can. 5 PM PDT the Moon creates a Grand Cross with Saturn opposed Sedna and her own opposition to Mercury; at this time the Moon also quincunxes the Sun. Thoughts and emotions are caught between the reality picture and the unseen forces of the spirit that move just below consciousness; every time we try to reason or feel our way toward some sort of clarity, the constraints of reality clash with some serious, primal, and essential ‘knowing’ that we carry deep inside–the result is difficulty seeing without having the vision jangled by what we sense, or tuning in to the intuition without having material matters intrude. There’s no balancing this, we just have to get through it. 11 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Mars and conjuncts Pallas. We can act with real wisdom at this time; schedule all your decidin’ for right now.

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