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'Spring' by Millet c1870 {{PD}}

‘Spring’ by Millet c1870 {{PD}}

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12 March we may feel innately clumsy, with attempts to move forward causing unnecessary hurt, what we thought was smart turning out to be destructive, and worst of all may be the surprising nature of our own skills; what we were sure were practical additions to our repertoire may seem anything but at this time. Don’t worry, a great deal of this is a cacophony of odds and ends energies that just don’t seem to have a home, instead flying through the air and sticking in the most inconvenient places. We just need to let the static charge dissipate, and realize that perceptions right now are fritzed out, too—we shouldn’t try to assess anything until a little time has passed. (Perfecting today: Chiron sesquiquadrate the North Node, Pluto sesquiquadrate Pallas, Pallas contra-parallel Uranus)

Today’s image is participatory; open the nearest book, without looking place your finger on a page, and read what the Universe has to say to you today. I’ll share what mine was: “Was his wife unhappy? That was unfortunate, but it was, after all, her problem.” That’s from ‘Revolutionary Road’ by Richard Yates. To me that gives a keynote of Self-responsibility in the happiness department; everyone must see to their own happiness, and if we experience someone who cares enough about us to want us to be happy, that’s just extra, a blessing, icing on the cake of life. So what’s your message, and what do you translate it to mean?