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'The Path Through the Irises' Claude Monet {{PD}}

‘The Path Through the Irises’ Claude Monet {{PD}}

10 AM PST the Aquarius Moon quincunxes Jupiter, perhaps tempting us to adjust what we think to what the social order prescribes. Can be a point when the group exerts a tremendous amount of influence on our thoughts and our behaviors (whether we rebel or accept their standards wholeheartedly); as long as we’re aware of this we can respond in a more measured way than we otherwise might. 11:30 AM PST the Moon sextiles Uranus-Juno. Emotions and intuitions aid expressions of uniqueness that lead to empowerment. 6 PM PST the Moon trines Zeus. We can intellectually see a clear path to ambition realization, but we need to remember that we have to back up ideas with action (and perhaps take on a partner, Zeus in Libra). Midnight the Moon conjuncts Venus. We can feel a perfect love or empathy based in intellectual understanding or group membership in common. This could offer a nice break from the natural tendency to critique, and if expressed could win us new friends.

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