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Brandung am Meer, 60 x 70, Ölgemälde von Carsten Eggers 2002 Repro photograph: Ilona Eggers Eigenes Werk, Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-2.5

Brandung am Meer, 60 x 70, Ölgemälde von Carsten Eggers 2002 Repro photograph: Ilona Eggers Eigenes Werk, Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-2.5

Are you feeling the afterglow of the Solar eclipse? Are you riding that Neptunian wave (for that was the only significant aspect made by the New Moon), or did the wave come crashing down on you? No matter what, it tossed matters of the natal House where the eclipse occurred, and none of them landed in the same place they’d been before. Most everyone I’ve spoken with is in some way disoriented; the surroundings (Taurus) have taken on a new character, with each individual trying in their own way to connect their ideals with their actual circumstances. This effort will likely reverberate through the coming six months, to the next eclipse set in October, as the Solar eclipse signals the ascendancy of the unconscious, the hidden, the longed-for, and that which meets our needs, in the areas of life represented by the natal House where the eclipse fell. The Lunar influence will be stronger in this House area than will the Solar one, making the subtle and the felt much more prominent than what we perceive with the conscious mind. The challenge may be to allow these normally hidden matters to arise, and then to recognize them as valid, rather than writing them off as coincident or extraneous; when Luna eclipses the Sun, we have a window into the unseen world, and this time, with the involvement of Neptune, we have the opportunity to draw on this and make of it what we will through the creative urge, the realization of ideals, through the power of imagination, and through the information provided in dreams, meditation, exploration of the spiritual, interaction with the Collective, and through the connections our creative faculties allow us to make among things we’re only now beginning to see as related.

Here’s what I said about today in ECLIPSE, concentrating on the post-eclipse atmosphere and the other influences in play:

29 April what we think or say may change everything; be very careful with communications—even thoughts will send out discernible ripples—don’t be surprised if others hear them! Attempts at empowerment may inadvertently wound, actions may be costly or foolish unless we stop and consider things first, and elemental urges (sex, aggression, Love) press us to ignore what’s wise. It’s a day when we may spend the entire time vacillating between being smart and acting out primal spontaneous wants. It’s just something we have to deal with—the best response may be to insist on using our best judgment, with the idea that incorrect thinking will lead to bad choices that will cause permanent effects. (Chiron semi-square Juno, Mars semi-square and Venus quincunx Pallas, Mercury trine Pluto)

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