'Flaming June' by Frederic Leighton 1895 {{PD}}

‘Flaming June’ by Frederic Leighton 1895 {{PD}}

Today’s image is a woman who falls asleep repeatedly throughout the day. Something is pulling us, offering a way into the unconscious, offering connection to the Cosmos with the perception that barriers are dissolved, that we are that star stuff. Whatever is attracting you, exerting an attraction on you, pulling you into that space where all boundaries are lost, whether it’s sleep as it is for the woman in the image, or some other Neptunian instrument, each of us must allow ourselves to be informed through the unconscious of our part in All-That-Is. Inspiration lives here, as does the essence of spirituality, the creative spark, and our link with the Collective; our visit to this region of the psyche promises to imbue our waking life with something to drive, influence, or add to our New Moon eclipse new start.

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