'Combat of Love and Chastity' by Gherardo di Giovanni di Miniato c1475 {{PD}}

‘Combat of Love and Chastity’ by Gherardo di Giovanni di Miniato c1475 {{PD}}

Finally! I’m bringing ‘Born Today’ back as a daily feature–a glimpse at the year ahead for everyone born on that day–but that means forecasts and articles will be scarce. If you’re interested in those, please subscribe–and please feel free to share or email this post, buttons are below on the individual post–thank you!

For those born 15 May: Happy Birthday! What’s ahead for you? A year when Love or Money can come suddenly–and be in direct conflict with the ambition picture, goals, those things to which you dedicate your life energy, the home, and/ or the mate. This may seem like an unwinnable conflict, with the social circle pressing for one outcome and your own fears and skills pressing for another. Resolution comes in accepting your own instincts and deep ‘knowing’ as your guide, and it helps that the mind is clear and agile. Bonus: Especially if you have any natal placements between 8 and 10 degrees of Cardinal signs, it may be a considerable time before you are ready to act–and that’s as it should be.