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'Gibraltar' James Wilson Morrice 1913 {{PD}}

‘Gibraltar’ James Wilson Morrice 1913 {{PD}}

Finally! I’m bringing ‘Born Today’ back as a daily feature–a glimpse at the year ahead for everyone born on that day–but that means forecasts and articles will be scarce. If you’re interested in those, please subscribe–and please feel free to share or email this post, buttons are below when you click on the individual post title–thank you!

The future’s on your mind today, dear Taurus, not directly, but in a nagging way that makes you concerned about future security, creative expression, and change, and how those will shape your Path. You want to build, grow, or make something solid this coming Solar year–and you definitely want to do the smart thing–the problem is you might not be as open to the smart move as you think you are, instead carrying a list of objections that suit your worries and wounds. It appears you may be seriously afraid of change–and who can blame you? One way to handle all these conflicting pressures is to promise yourself to accept/ make change as long as it respects your highest values and those things and people you honor. That way, what truly matters is undisturbed, what’s sacred remains sacred, and so manages to provide that security you’re (consciously or not) concerned about.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Venus in Aries opposed Vesta in Libra. This may sum up a lot of things for you this year: the rewards of leading or going it on your own may directly conflict with the companionship, cooperation, and commitment enjoyed in partnership, on the home front, and in supporting issues that represent your highest values. Think of it as a time when you can experiment a little (supported by Solar Return Uranus opposed Zeus), find out how much togetherness you really want, and decide what things you truly want to make a part of your life every day. Take your time in deciding–you pretty much have all year.