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'Bau der Teufelsbruecke' ('The building of the Devil's Bridge') Carl Blechen 1833 {{PD}}

‘Bau der Teufelsbruecke’ (‘The building of the Devil’s Bridge’) Carl Blechen 1833 {{PD}}

Finally! I’m bringing ‘Born Today’ back as a daily feature–a glimpse at the year ahead for everyone born on that day–but that means forecasts and articles will be scarce. If you’re interested in those, please subscribe–and please feel free to share or email this post, buttons are below when you click on the individual post title–thank you! And if you’re looking for the forecast for the 18th, just scroll down–it was posted two days ago.

Oh Taurus, you want more, but you’ll be having a hell of a time figuring out how to build a bridge to it this coming solar year. You are more than ready to move on ambitions and on creating a power situation for yourself (even if that only means calling the shots in your own life), but you may find that you will be repeatedly called on to change something about your attitude, identity, or goals in order to make things happen. This on the surface may seem unfair, but the reality is that the Universe knows best; what you’re aiming for right now isn’t totally right for you–you just don’t know that yet–but in the future, when looking back, you’ll see how to have gotten what you wanted unmodified by those things you’ll need to change would’ve made for a much less appropriate or fulfilling result.

Featured Solar Return aspect: a Finger of God with base of Venus in Aries sextile Mercury in Gemini, both inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio. This suggests that if you can remain Self-motivated by values (and if you can sufficiently value yourself) and keep thought processes direct and unencumbered, you can make significant progress that can build something meaningful and lasting.