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'Small Scene of Wintry Trees' Artist Unknown {{PD}}

‘Small Scene of Wintry Trees’ Artist Unknown {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, dear Taurus, you’re propelled forward by a strong emotional desire to know: to learn all you can, to understand everything and everyone, to use what you know to be inventive and original in all you do, and especially to know about and understand where you’re headed. In fact, dissecting every facet of and influence on your life direction may become something of an obsession; that means you’ll have a choice: to become lost in Self-concern, or to channel that enthusiasm and attention to detail into creating precisely the environment you desire. Make sure you keep a close eye on your surroundings, and at each turn make choices that make the environment suit you better. You’re in a building phase right now, one that can end up bringing you a lot of reward as well as making very clear to you exactly where you want to spend your time, talents, and energy; make sure to stay connected to your emotional reality, as it’s easy at this time to focus too closely on details, facts, and making ‘it’ happen, and forget that you’re having feelings about all the change you’re making in your world.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Mars goes direct in Libra. You’ll find a great deal of energy freed up this year; what has been of late used up in cooperative efforts or in pleasing others will be yours to command once again.

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