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Show the world what you can do, Taurus! 'The Musical Contest' by Jean Honore Fragonard c1750 {{PD}}

Show the world what you can do, Taurus! ‘The Musical Contest’ by Jean Honore Fragonard c1750 {{PD}}

The issues for you this Solar year, dear Taurus, center on questions of independence, originality, freedom, and cooperation; the period may be one big trade-off between going it alone (even being a leader), then needing the support or cooperation of others–and neither extreme, as part of the group or off on your lonesome, will truly satisfy for long. It’s a matter of very much needing to feel unique and to be recognized as such–and there’s nothing wrong with that–but also to feel useful and have something significant to offer others. This need has been building for a long time, and you’re right in feeling that it’s time to come out from the shadow of more show-offy types and let the sun shine upon (and the world see) all that you have to offer. Expect by November to reach the point where you’ve sorted out these issues of working alone or in tandem,  and in the meantime cultivate your talents, for they’ll surely be on show before your next Solar Return.

Featured Solar Return aspect: the Sun square Pallas. It might take a little time, but you’ll figure out what’s unwise and just doesn’t work, and what supports expression of skills and feeds the Soul, through gentle critical assessment. Take your time, and make your own critical voice the one you listen to–it’s really the only one that counts.

If you happen to be born today but have your Sun in early Gemini, read tomorrow’s ‘Born Today’ as well.

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