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'Pair in Conversation' Simon Glücklich c1900 {{PD}}

‘Pair in Conversation’ Simon Glücklich c1900 {{PD}}

Hello, Gemini! This coming year promises a surge in energy dedicated to creative or romantic activity, a chance to expand the personal income or skills or to broadcast the talents, and a chameleon-like ability (as long as the emotions support it) to appear capable and adept in just about any public arena. What could possibly go wrong with that? You may feel that others aren’t as supportive as they could be, and in fact, you may feel that a few are actually undermining you, or at the least keeping important info hidden. That won’t really matter, though, as you’re scheduled to have both wisdom and intuition on your side–so your mantra this coming Solar year should be, I rely on myself.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Jupiter square Ceres. You understand networking instinctively, dear Gemini, but this year you might want to learn as much as you can about how power and authority are actually acquired and work in real life–it will only add to your skill and enhance your comprehension of goings-on. Most important tip: learn to negotiate effectively–you’ll be glad you did.

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