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One way to be smokin' Jean Béraud 'La Lettre' 1908 {{PD}}

One way to be smokin’ Jean Béraud ‘La Lettre’ 1908 {{PD}}

Gemini, Happy Birthday, but I want to ask, how long can you keep this up? Maybe the entire Solar year, as it seems you’ve found a perfect balance among learning/ teaching, the social life, your values, your home and mate, efforts toward ambition fulfillment, group involvement, originality, and inventiveness–you’re smokin’! But (oh, there’s always a but!) all the energy you’ve got available may actually be fueled by rage, or an enormous desire to wreck the status quo, and if it is, it could snap back on you in destructive forms at any time. Just try to see yourself as an alchemist, a wizard, rather than a revolutionary aiming to wipe out what is (because that also wipes out things for others). As long as you keep intentions positive and remain emotionally open and sensitive to others, nothing will go wrong.

Featured Solar Return placement: Mercury in Gemini. In his own ‘home’, Mercury offers an agile mind and atunement to the mental sphere–but may also make one over-think or over-talk–and typically neither accomplishes what Merc in Gemini hopes it will–so remain mindful of the mental faculties–don’t let them run away with you!

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