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'Summer in the Fjord' Adelsteen Normann before 1918 {{PD}}

‘Summer in the Fjord’ Adelsteen Normann before 1918 {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, it’s time for you to dream big–but will you get up and get moving toward your goal, or get lost in illusion along the way? Lots of surprising and spontaneous things are likely to happen in your life this Solar year, and these events can easily distract you–the key to staying on track is not just to know what you want but to care deeply about it–if you do that there’s little that can take you off course. Hot areas for you this year: creativity and/ or romance, support from and motivations of others, and material stored in your unconscious–you can reach this buried knowledge through instinct, intuition, and through experiences in the material world that reflect the spiritual one.

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