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'Dance at Bougival' Renoir c1883 {{PD}}

‘Dance at Bougival’ Renoir c1883 {{PD}}

Happy Birthday, Gemini–don’t look so glum! Yes, right now (and for some time to come) it may feel as if you’re caught between two irreconcilable forces in the material world, but the reality is those forces are expressions of the unseen: one represents your efforts at effectiveness and empowerment within your own life, and the other stands for your deepest instincts, what you know to be true at your core, and as well shows your ‘blind spot’, the thing you just haven’t been able to get a handle on. This year you work this out by learning to see (or learning to see more accurately) the direct correlation of a material thing for a psychic or emotional one–not easy, but very rewarding, as once you learn to decode you can translate fluently between the worlds of seen and unseen.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Venus conjunct the South Node and sextile Mercury. ‘Old’ relationships or financial situations may return in the Houses of the natal chart ruled by Mercury. Try to read the message as it applies to current relationships and finances, without doing the same dance all over again.

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