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Balance isn't just for Libras. 'Woman Holding a Balance' Johannes Vermeer c1664 {{PD}}

Balance isn’t just for Libras. ‘Woman Holding a Balance’ Johannes Vermeer c1664 {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, this coming Solar year it may seem like you’re staying the same and everyone else is changing–but that’s just a trick of perception. It’s really just that you’ll see things that way until you accept the relatively immense amount of power available to you now. You have some great ideas and can build something significant, if you embrace Self-discipline, as well as accept the previously mentioned potential to exercise power and really make a difference.

Featured Solar Return placement: the mutual reception of Pluto and Saturn. This offers you both power and balance–and if you have any natal placements in the mid-decan of Gemini (10 to 20 degrees) you have a natural channel through which to focus this potent combination.

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