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'Little Pierre' Georges Lemmen {{PD}}

‘Little Pierre’ Georges Lemmen {{PD}}

1 PM PDT of the 30th the Cancer Moon sextiles Pallas. You can feel or intuit the smart thing at this time. 9 PM PDT the Moon trines Neptune. Imagination and artistic inspiration come through or are triggered by the emotions.

31 May we may find ourselves, like sunflowers, turning our faces toward the sun of the social sphere or those in charge; we may temporarily lose our values to the dazzle of those with power and mystery—and though little lasting damage may occur, we still might feel disoriented from this brief (and for most of us totally uncharacteristic) foray into worship of what’s shiny or strong. If this is our thing, then successful partnership with the powerful is possible, and reward may come from re-tracing our steps or pulling from experience. Just be aware that all actions and choices at this time have a back story, one that could hold deep implications for the future. (Perfecting today: Jupiter sextile Juno, Sun trine Mars with Black Moon at the midpoint, Venus contra-parallel the North Node)

1 June we may wake up and wonder who polished up the world while we slept—intelligence is rewarded, we make smart choices in relationships and finances, wisdom soaked in love is being served up everywhere, and generosity comes naturally to the well-adjusted (and is showered on everyone else, making them a whole lot mentally and emotionally healthier, too). We see, and so can learn, everything we need to know, and we are in a perfect position to assess the worth of that knowledge. Opportunity presents itself under a spotlight today—it’s really hard to miss—but you will if you insist on closing your eyes. (Perfecting today: Venus trine Pallas, Sun parallel Jupiter)

I’m adding Black Moon Lilith to the points included in aspect analysis–read about it here, in the latest ECLIPSE, when you order! Or follow me on Tumblr–And have a great weekend!