Born Today 4 June


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'Perseus and Andromeda' Frederic, Lord Leighton {{PD}}

‘Perseus and Andromeda’ Frederic, Lord Leighton {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, this birthday you can celebrate being past the crisis or darkness you were recently dealing with–but it may not feel like it just yet. Hang on, though, and you’ll shortly be able to surface emotionally, and after what you’ve gone through, you’ll know exactly what to do and where to aim your efforts. You’ll get some very good opportunities to empower yourself and/ or that will help you add status over the coming months, and a willingness to do the hard thing will be the very quality that paves your way to success. Don’t worry if all this takes a little time to gain shape–you’re in recovery, of sorts, and needn’t push yourself.

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