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'Pot-Pourri' James Herbert Draper 1897 {{PD}}

‘Pot-Pourri’ James Herbert Draper 1897 {{PD}}

The Moon enters Virgo at 7:20 AM PDT of the 4th. 11 AM PDT the Virgo Moon sextiles Mercury. It may be easy to allow simple talk to slide into criticism-but then again, critical faculties are in shape. Focus them consciously, to avoid nit-picking. 5 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Pallas. Wisdom and guidance can be found in emotion, while skills can almost be acquired intuitively! 9 PM PDT the Moon opposes Neptune. We may reject the creative option for the one we can control–or, we are solidly married to the facts; fiction doesn’t stand a chance. 11 PM PDT the Moon trines Venus. The perfect time for accounting chores or relationship ones that deal with responsibilities.

Today’s word image is a small vial of oil, forgotten at the back of a cupboard and discovered again; removing the stopper, it smells of crushed roses. Expect the re-discovery of or reconnection with something you ‘put away’ a long time ago–and the connection may be stirred through scent.

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