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'Confidences' Renoir 1878 {{PD}}

‘Confidences’ Renoir 1878 {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, does everything right around your birthday time seem exaggerated, larger-than-life, or over the top? Is everything too too, or is it more like you have no sense of privacy–everything, somehow, gets broadcast to the social circle–and they don’t hesitate to judge you for it–or maybe that’s ‘misjudge’ you, as understanding of what you’re really about right now is in short supply. What’s a Zodiacal twin to do? It seems you left personal restraint in your other pants–and yet, you’re not trying to upend things–it’s much more like you are consumed with expanding your world, with learning and knowing, with discovery, especially in spiritual realms or those unseen areas of the psyche that seem to carry all the answers, and you’re merely reaching out, looking for others or for circumstances that could support your search. Nothing wrong with keeping the focus on yourself–it’s time you put your own needs first, and looked into those areas that may form the basis for the rest of your journey through life.

Featured Solar Return aspect: Black Moon Lilith sextile Mars: Gemini, if you have a natal placement or point within two degrees either side of 11 Pisces, then that energy (and whatever matters of the House it’s located within or rules) will be your way to discover exactly what you need and want to know, and likely will supply you with an idea of exactly what to do to reach your goals, during this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday.

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