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'Morning Awakening' Eva Gonzales 1876 {{PD}}

‘Morning Awakening’ Eva Gonzales 1876 {{PD}}

Full Moon in Sagittarius at 9:11 PM PDT of the 12th at 22 Sag 05

The Full Moon forms the apex of a Finger of God with base of Jupiter-Sedna, with no other aspects falling within our strict three (at most!) degree orb. This promises a culmination of a matter related to the House in which this FM falls in the natal chart, an ending with a Sagittarian theme. The involved energies, Jupiter, Sedna, and the Moon, in themselves contradict one another: where Jupiter is about accumulated knowledge, Sedna and the Moon are about feeling, especially the kind of feeling that is pre-verbal, instinctive, and reactive; where Jupiter is about sharing and getting the word out, Sedna and the Moon are involved in the personal experience, and those experiences are of the kind that may never be shared with others; Jupiter represents the external and exotic, those things in the world we might visit or learn about, things that expand our Universe, while Sedna and the Moon represent internal qualities and a landscape only we can see and visit. Aligned as they are in a Finger, we can gather that a meeting of that external, Jupiterian, knowledge-based circumstance and the internal, instinct-guided, Sedna-type of knowledge and awareness (which are typically consciously hidden from us and make up our ‘blind spot’) will, if successfully achieved, result in an emotional ending or culmination. Keep in mind, though, that the Moon is also a principal indicator of the passage of time, so that this ending (Full Moon) may not actually have an emotional component, but may instead simply indicate a closing out of a particular period, and so represent the passage of time, or possibly a sense of satisfaction gained by successful utilization of both sides of the base energies.

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