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'A Meadow Flower' John White Alexander {{PD}}

‘A Meadow Flower’ John White Alexander {{PD}}

Dear Gemini, the Solar year between this birthday and the next is one for revision, repair, and reconstruction of the life and your thought processes. I know! It sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? It sounds like things aren’t going well–but really, they are. You’re on track in the big picture sense–now it’s time to create a life that’s not just serviceable, but that mirrors who you are at a Soul level. You have a great deal of energy available this year for both healing and creativity, and the emotions and intuition can be a very effective guide to bringing ideals into reality. Keep these words in mind throughout the year: “Your wisdom is your fate”, meaning your choices, based in your sense of life-understanding, your intelligence, your sensitivity, what you know to be true, determine what happens to you–everything else is beside the point. And don’t forget to celebrate–Happy Birthday!