'Angel' Franz Dvorak {{PD}}

‘Angel’ Franz Dvorak {{PD}}

It’s the start of something significant for you, dear Gemini, indicated by the matters of the House where the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is occurring today, or in matters of the natal House Mercury rules. In one or more of those areas you’ll get a fresh start, and this may help you gain perspective on either Love or Money issues, which are currently running on the assumptions of the unconscious and causing a lot of stress. The reality is that Love or Money thing is exaggerated in its current form–see it more clearly (hint: use the intuition) and you can create a powerfully strong magnet from your own personality, one that will draw in the desired material. Just stay clear on the fact that Love and Money are substances that are both given and received–it won’t all flow just one way–and that this Solar year, through to your next birthday, you have the chance to heal completely some portion of your reality related to these. Good Luck! And Happy Birthday!