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Adolf Senglaub 'Vasenmaler' (Vase Painter) 1901 {{PD}}

Adolf Senglaub ‘Vasenmaler’ (Vase Painter) 1901 {{PD}}

Will it be the creative path or the unusual one for you this year, dear Cancer? Your birthday astrology suggests you may be drawn in two very different directions, and though neither will be easy, each has its advantages. The first, the creative path, promises a tremendous surge of pure, inspired energy at your disposal–but if you follow this road, you may get distracted by your own imagination or the temptations of world. If you follow the second, the unusual path, you may find yourself on a unique trajectory, one possibly never (or rarely) traveled by others, and that’s bound to be exciting–but which can also be lonely, especially if you’re surrounded by people who don’t understand the direction you’ve chosen. These two alternatives will each be rewarding, but will send you in very nearly opposite life directions. How do you choose? Talk it over with someone you love and trust, and who is experienced enough to be able to offer true perspective on your ideas (Venus conjunct Juno in Gemini). Happy Birthday!

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