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'Summer' Mary Cassatt {{PD}}

‘Summer’ Mary Cassatt {{PD}}

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28 June: 6 AM PDT of the 28th the Cancer Moon squares Vesta-Ceres. We care about something and that caring conflicts with our highest values and/ or will get us in trouble with authorities. When does this happen? When we love someone who will lead us down a bad path, when we know that the right thing to do is also wrong in the eyes of the establishment, when we are betrayed and have always believed we would walk away in this situation, but find ourselves staying against all better judgment. How to assess our position? We need to make caring about our own welfare top priority; if being involved in the situation means we won’t be respected in some way, it’s time to go. 2 PM PDT the Moon sextiles Sedna and catches stationary retrograde Mercury at the midpoint. Merc is paused for direction–he may act as the outlet for the emotional ‘blind spot’. Watch your own communications for what they can tell you about hidden feelings or motives within you; careful observation should be quite revealing. 5:30 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Feelings are exaggerated; someone may insist they care more than is reasonable. Look for what they might get out of taking such a stance. Void begins at 6:03 PM PDT; the Moon enters Leo at 1:43 AM Pacific time of the 29th.

Today’s image is a chocolate bar shared among three strangers as they wait in the pouring rain for a bus. Sometimes it’s just nice to be nice, you know?

29 June: we are aware that there’s a danger we could base our actions on past hurt, but we should know that the real influence is buried feeling, instinct, and hidden matters—not that that’s necessarily better, or worse! Adding to our, what? confusion? is a strong sense that relationships and financial matters are not what they seem. The way to handle this discomfiting influence is to channel our energy into a purely creative project, one that does not depend on others, or on obtaining new assets, before going forward. Work with what you have; action brings forward skills, draws inspiration from the unseen, and could, eventually, pay. (Mars quincunx Chiron, contra-parallel Sedna, Venus square Neptune, Sun trine Neptune)

Weighing Libra

Being Fair; Giving In—Or Not; Judging, and feeling they have the right to judge (reflected by Saturn’s exaltation in the sign), Libra assesses everything she contacts, and sets the standard for aesthetics, partnerships, for the worth of things, and in many ways, that’s her place. Libra is a set of contradictions: appreciating but wanting more; generous (insisting on sharing!) but also insisting that everyone else shares equally, as well; thinking about the other—but in the context of the Self; cooperating—but only if you do, too!
What appears to the onlooker to be indecisiveness is anything but; when asked to choose, Libra must ponder, weigh, and extrapolate. One of their strengths that’s often overlooked is that Libra thinks (it’s an Air sign, we musn’t forget) everything through to the bitter end before venturing an opinion or committing, which means once committed Libra’s loyalty is fixed, like its element. Libra’s completeness of thought is a plus mistaken for stupidity, timidity, or no preference at all—but Libra always has a preference—how could a being ruled by aesthetics, beauty, and the worth of things not?
Libra is seen as a social sign, but that isn’t quite right—it’s just me and you, not a crowd, and if we’re not speaking (a favorite tactic of Air signs), then a partnership with an unhappy Libra can be a lonely place, indeed.

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