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'Country Road in Provence by Night' Van Gogh {{PD}}

‘Country Road in Provence by Night’ Van Gogh {{PD}}

Dear Cancer, it looks like it’s been a tough year–material matters have exerted their power on you in a way you never expected–but you should know, that’s over now–or at least, waning. You’ve got to look deep within and make an accounting of your resources and talents during this Solar year, through to your next birthday, in preparation for forming a whole new set of ambitions and goals. Right now, though, take it easy–all these things will take shape in their own time, and you may find yourself caught up with the mate or partner’s needs, so that it’s impossible to attend to your own. A little advice? Don’t resent that you can’t focus exclusively on yourself at this time–soon enough you’ll be glad you gave this time and energy to the mate, the home life, or to those intangibles you honor, and reward for your loyalty and efforts will come back tenfold. Happy Birthday!

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