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A Summer NightDear Cancer, it looks like this coming Solar year you’ll spend your time in power struggles over love or money (or the matters of the House in the natal chart with Scorpio on the cusp); that doesn’t sound very fun, does it? Let’s look at it another way: you’ll have the gumption, energy, passion, sense of mission, or desire to go after what you truly want–and you’ll do it no-holds-barred. That means it could get messy, you could step on others’ toes, and you could be in territory you’ve never been in before–but that’s okay. You’re claiming what the Soul longs for; remind yourself that just because someone else is upset doesn’t make what you want wrong–and as long as you don’t actually harm anyone in the process, it’s okay to want (and go after) what you want. You may find yourself very critical of your own motives–but the fact is this is a rare time when you are empowered to ask for and get what you desire from the Universe with very little difficulty–and if you make the effort, it’s almost certain at least one of your passions will be fulfilled.