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Charles Caryl Coleman (1840–1928) 'In the Shade of the Vines, Capri' 1898 {{PD}}

Charles Caryl Coleman (1840–1928) ‘In the Shade of the Vines, Capri’ 1898 {{PD}}

Dear Cancer, this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, may be a time of fresh new communication and thought for you, and you may be offered new starts in the Houses ruled by Mercury in the natal chart. You’ll enjoy a keen sensitivity, and the intellect will be finely attuned to nuance and shades of meaning–a trait you can use to great advantage in dealing with others and also when considering your own needs. Problems will center on your own ego leading you astray, and in conflict with authorities–but if you make the keynote for the year cooperation you may have few difficulties, if any. If your thinking is on track, you could be slated to gain Love or Money from carefully considered action–and who wouldn’t want that?

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