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Henri Rousseau - La zingara addormentata 1897 {{PD}}

Henri Rousseau – La zingara addormentata 1897 {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 4:25 AM PDT of the 12th at 20 Capricorn 03. The Moon makes a wide quincunx to Venus and a wide square to the triumvirate Vesta-Ceres-Mars, with Vesta technically outside our usual fussy orb (even Ceres and Mars are a little farther out than usual)—but in this case Vesta’s close contact to the other two overrides my reservations. We also see a loose Grand Earth Trine with Sedna and Pallas. With a Full Moon promising culmination or fulfillment, we may find two simultaneous trends: a balancing or coming to an end of material matters involving a resolution to something that came out of our ‘blind spot’, but which we have answered with wisdom or skills—so a satisfactory ending—and another trend of new ‘problems’ or issues coming forward, these involving our own actions, our relationship to authority, assets or earnings adjustments, and our values/ what we find sacred/ and/or home and mate, and the impacts all these have on one another. It may almost feel like punishment: we’ve just managed to put out a few fires over there, and now a few more pop up over here. Darn!

Let’s look at the Sabian for inspiration as to what issues we could face. ‘A Relay Race’. Sh*t, that doesn’t sound good, does it? It sounds like we’ll be continuing that stressed state, continuing to bat at those fires with an old blanket. We may have a long way to go—the one bright spot is that a relay race involves a number of individuals, typically three others—so expect to have your three ‘allies’ made crystal clear with the Full Moon. We also look at the Sun, as it makes the light the Full Moon reflects. ‘A Famous Singer Is Proving Her Virtuosity During An Operatic Performance’. Ahh, this is nice—it implies that within all this stress and effort we show ourselves to be very talented, to be able to rise to the challenge and perform at the highest level, and this may be observed by others, with all the opportunity that implies. So there’s that.

And what about this Full Moon’s status as a ‘Super Moon’? The term has come to be used whenever there’s a Full Moon occurring near perigee (the point when the Moon is closest to the Earth).  Astronomically this is referred to as perigee-syzygy or a proxigean Moon (when the Full Moon occurs within 24 hours of perigee). But, it’s important to realize that the Moon reaches perigee once every anomalistic month (the time spanning one perigee to the next) of 27.55 days. It’s full once every Synodic period (a Synodic period is the time from one point, such as a Full Moon, to the next Full Moon) and these have an overall average of 29.53 days. It’s only when the Full phase and perigee occur roughly together that we have a ‘Super Moon’. Does this mean anything astrologically? Not really, but we can argue that we could conceivably feel this affect within the approximately 57-60% of the body that is water–after all, the Moon drives the tides, why shouldn’t this pull and create inner ‘tides’, as well? So, the ultra-sensitive among us may sense it, but the ‘Super Moon’ doesn’t, in my opinion, affect the astrology of the Full Moon event.

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