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Blason de Mozac sur la châsse de saint Austremoine 16th century {{PD}}

Blason de Mozac sur la châsse de saint Austremoine 16th century {{PD}}

14 July our own inner sense of authority determines our Path—it’s very simple—though those who don’t entirely accept that their life direction is truly in their own hands may insist that there are things they can do nothing about—and when we dissemble like that, the Universe typically complies, giving us a few things we really can’t do anything about—so don’t be that guy. Too what we think may need to adjust to the reality of the situation; reality shines a bright light on what is, reveals cleanly what isn’t, and expects us to accept it. (Perfecting Today: Ceres conjunct the North Node, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Today’s image is an outdated swipe-card hotel key from another city, found in your winter jacket pocket. You have the key to something, but does it really matter anymore? You may be past the point when having it would make a difference. This points to the potential for putting energy into things already over, decided, or that are completely history–recognizing this allows you to re-channel the energy to something useful in the present, and allows you to really be present.

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