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Choices may not be easy this year, dear Cancer. 'The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame' Georges de la Tour c1640 {{PD}}

Choices may not be easy this year, dear Cancer. ‘The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame’ Georges de la Tour c1640 {{PD}}

You’ll be making some fate-determining choices this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Cancer–why? You may be driven by matters you’re not even aware of, and a sense of needing to act, as well as a feeling that you should defend those things that really matter to you and that you should establish your own place and power within the natural order of things, may push you into situations that could be rooted in primal hurts and require the exercise of unique skills. Its not an ideal picture for the year ahead, but it is one that will move you along your Path significantly–and much of the outcome will depend upon your level of consciousness and your life intentions–a punishing person who blames others for their situation will have a much harder time than will an individual who is Self-responsible, willing to do what’s necessary to get where they want to go, and who keeps highest values at the forefront when making those fate-determining choices. Happy Birthday, and good luck!

Featured Solar Return aspect: Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune=it will take effort, but the potential exists for you to bring dreams to reality; be aware there’s also the possibility that you could be mislead by your own delusions about the nature of reality. Strive to see ‘What Is’ and to deal with it in the most honest and straightforward way possible, and you just may manifest something you’ve been hoping to create for a long time.