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Max Slevogt - Sandstorm in the Libyan Desert 1918 {{PD}}

Max Slevogt – Sandstorm in the Libyan Desert 1918 {{PD}}

Happy Birthday, dear Cancer! It’s all about some combination of home, values, life commitments, and the mate or partner, this coming Solar year–and more than likely revelations and change that come about along these lines will arise from the dust of conflict and disparities between what you’ve told others you want and where you’re really headed. You didn’t mean to mislead anybody; in fact, you’re just now yourself discovering that where you thought you were headed, and what you believed you wanted to dedicate your life energy to, may be very different than you’ve been thinking and saying. You’ll be going through a process of discovery that may be very hard on your pocketbook, your relationships, and/ or could significantly alter your social standing or role–but in any event will leave you in a much changed state, physically, mentally, and perhaps emotionally, by the time you reach your next birthday, and could see you aiming for a whole new set of goals sooner rather than later. Good luck!

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