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DeScott Evans 'Hanging Apples' 1898 {{PD}}

DeScott Evans ‘Hanging Apples’ 1898 {{PD}}

Your connection to Nature, as well as your sense of ‘home’, whether that has an interior or exterior form, may be your saving graces this coming Solar year, dear Cancer; when you are dealing with some facet of these life areas, things, with some effort, will fall into place perfectly. These may also be the areas where you must face conflict–but in the end that’s a good thing, as it reveals the true nature of your relationships, strengthening connections in some cases and severing them in others. The result of all this may be that you adopt a new sense of adventure–and end the year with considerably wider horizons than when you began it. Happy Birthday!

Solar Return Focus On: Saturn quincunx Uranus=the entire year you may find yourself striving to gain or create balance–and yet surprising and unanticipated factors related to willfulness, Self-expression, the ego, and anger, your own and that of others, will keep tipping the apple cart. Try to work with, not against, these erratic developments, by remaining mentally flexible and open to the latest advancements and changes. Good luck!