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Circe by Wright Barker (1889) {{PD}}

Circe by Wright Barker (1889) {{PD}}

Is it possible to have a quiet year and a glorious one simultaneously, dear Leo? Because that appears to be what’s in store for you–and the highlight may be the arrival of Love, Money, or emotional fulfillment that answers a deep desire within you. The only caution, really, is represented by Mercury square Zeus and semi-sextile Black Moon Lilith; this suggests that communications (or matters of the Houses ruled by Merc in the natal chart) will be tested by, and perhaps will reveal to others, your ambitions and desires–and that as a consequence you will either have to deal with what you’d rather not, or stand up for yourself in some significant way. And in between, a genuine spiritual quiet and peace can be yours. Not a perfect mix, but happening within a year with such enormous potential for abundance, happiness, and success, who can complain?

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